Monday, December 27, 2010

Are you much cooler online?

Are you more like Jason Alexander in Brad Paisley’s hit country song and video “Online” or do you let your true self appear online? In the song/video, Alexander sings about changing his appearance, occupation and wealth via his online alter-ego. With the explosion of any medium such as social media, also comes the inevitable claim of “experts” that pledge to increase your reputation and presence online. While there is much truth to search engine optimization (SEO) and search engine marketing (SEM), the later being a pay-per-click option, I would caution you to monitor and control how much of your company brand you allow to be created by outside consultants.

Let’s face it, LinkedIn, Twitter and FaceBook are just not that hard to use. The danger is not as much in identity theft and spam message (simply do not click on anything you do not recognize, just like that old communication method called email) as in the impact these services have on your brand. Who are you entrusting with your image?

Think of your brand as a person. Your brand and identity is much more than your logo, web appearance or the design your company brochure. What would your brand do or say in a particular situation? How would Southwest Airlines react to controversy vs. General Electric? Whether you are a startup or a well-established company, your brand is your identity. So, why would you let someone pretend to be you or a representative from your company? You just might end up with “Peggy” the bearded, clueless and very male credit-card customer-service representative. Thickly accented Peggy works for "USA Prime Credit" in a snowbound shack in the middle of nowhere. While the commercial for Discover highlights the outsourcing of customer service, you could end up with your own Peggy.

Your clients and prospects know you, your sales and customer service staff. They experience your brand at every interaction. They will also know if your social media is not inline with that brand. By all means, seek help in creating your online presence. It is a key component (not the end all) of your marketing plan. But, in the end, it should be you and your staff posting and responding to web interactions. If you trust outsiders like a certain player’s “decision” it will stink to high heaven. The result could be a brand crash harder than any pro golfer or would-be champ could resurrect. Find your own champions in your organization and give them a voice. You will be amazed at how much it sounds like you.

Rob Felber

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Happy New Year Reminder

2010 is almost behind us and we are all looking forward to a new year filled with new and exciting challenges.

Before it is loo late don't forget to place your order Happy New Year cards. Still time for last minute orders. Click here for selection.

I will be reporting (as time allows) from the annual PPAI Convention and Trade Show the week of January 10th. I will try to give you a sneak peak of new marketing ideas and products. Keep challenging us and yourself and 2011 will be a great year.

Happy Holidays to all.

Bruce Felber, MAS*

* The Master Advertising Specialist (MAS) certification is awarded to promotional marketing professionals who have completed education requirements demonstrating exemplary commitment to their profession. MAS recipients are recognized for providing the highest standard of conduct, integrity and professionalism to clients. Only 1% of all industry practitioners have attained this prestigious designation.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Promotional Gifts of the Season (9) - Last minute gifts

Waiting for the lines at the mall to thin out? Too busy to think about the holidays? Well we have an answer for you. We have last minute capability to handle those classic food gifts in branded wooden containers, carving boards and baskets filled with a variety of nuts, candies, cheeses and meats.

We still have One Day and Two Day service available, but hurry time is running out.

Just give me a call to see what can be done.

Bruce Felber, MAS
330-963-3664 x 2

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Promotional Gifts of the Season (8) – Branded Personal Assistance

Looking for a unique gift experience? Do you want something that will be talked about for a long time? Look no more because we have the answer.

Branded Personal Assistance will make your recipients feel very special. These cards offer a team of live branded personal assistants who provide callers with anything at anytime from anywhere for an experience of a lifetime.

Since the holiday season is all about helping others then why not offer the gift of help. Personal assistants can offer everything from driving directions; weather and road conditions, restaurant and movie help and even make those hotel reservations for your client. Imagine a service that can offer help for just about anything anytime and carry your personal message greeting and brand image. We can even dress this up with a holiday theme. And you can change your personal greetings after the holidays.

For more details read this post.

If you have already purchase your gifts then this is also a perfect add-on that will last all year. We can give you a 5 day turnaround just in time to say Happy Holidays.

For more details or price contact me at 330-963-3664 x 2

Bruce Felber, MAS

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Promotional Gifts of the Season (7) – Soft & Warm

This season surprise your clients, family and friends with special personal gifts. Gifts they can wear, wrap around, carry and use for years.

Our special "Season of Giving Holiday Gift Guide" has the finest wearing apparel, bags, blankets and accessories from quality trusted brands. Brands like OGIO, Red House, District Threads, Port & Company and Columbia. These items can be purchased blank or with your own brand/logo.

For a free catalog email me at or view here online.

Give gifts that celebrate and appreciate.

Questions call 330-963-3664 x2

Bruce Felber, MAS

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Promotional Gifts of the Season (3) - Greeting Cards UPDATE

In my post from October 31st I wrote about the value of sending "Thank You" greeting cards to your clients. I spoke about our wide line of Business to Business greeting cards for all occasions.

Here is a true real-life story. On November 17th I was asked if there was still time to place an order for customized Thanksgiving cards and could they arrive in time to be mailed. I checked with production and two minutes later the reply came back, "Is this afternoon soon enough?". The order was placed around 10:30 am and was shipped over night. The next morning I checked with UPS and they had been delivered by 9:00 am. I called my client who told me they arrived and she was already addressing the envelopes.

Now we turn our focus to the main Holiday Season, We have a large selection of Holiday and New Year Greetings Card ready for personalization. You can add your logo to any of our cards and even print the envelopes. See our selection of cards and calendar cards here. Place the order now so you have time to address and mail to your clients and friends.

For other ideas visit or blog and promotional sites.

Contact me for any questions or for more information at 330-963-3664 x 2.

Bruce Felber, MAS

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Promotional Gifts of the Season (6) – Crystal & Glass

One of the most popular gifts for the holiday includes glass and crystal items. This category always carries a high perception of recognition and thanks for their beauty.

Whether an artistic show piece or useful items such as a serving piece, beverage ware, and paperweight these gifts bring warmth to every setting and event.

We carry a wide variety of glass, crystal and specialty gifts and feature many combination and custom sets. See some of the many items here or visit for other ideas.

Looking for that special touch? Ask about our Waterford® Lead Crystal products including holiday gifts and ornaments.

Call 330-963-3664 x 2 to help you choose the right item to meet your holiday gift budget and don’t forget these make great ‘thank you’ gifts for your employees.

Bruce Felber, MAS

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Promotional Gifts of the Season (5) – Books

Are you looking for a gift that will be cherished, shared and handed down? Then consider one of the oldest inventions of the ages. I am talking about books. Books that inspire; books that educate; books that give us pleasure and books that take us to the outer reaches of your imagination.

Books are personal and help us connect with the past, present and the future. A crafted book is not just something that will sit on a shelf, but can be a centerpiece in any room. That is why coffee table books are so popular. After all Kramer on Seinfeld did develop a coffee table book with legs. Seriously consider this a unique gift for clients, employees and family. We take it one step further with custom covers, inserts promo pages and cover imprints. Books may contain your logo, inspiration or thank you letter or theme related copy to remember any event or anniversary.

We have books in almost any category, price range and size. We can search out a title or you may choose from the hundreds of stock titles from the best selling authors, educators, motivators and photographers.

A gift of knowledge and communication is timeless and your recipient will remember who and when they received this wonderful gift.

All good books are alike in that they are truer than if they really happened and after you are finished reading one you feel that it all happened to you and after which it all belongs to you.
- Ernest Hemingway

Call me at 330-963-3664 x 2 for any additional questions or to help create your custom gifts for those special clients.

Bruce Felber, Mas

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Promotional Gifts of the Season (4) - Wood Beauty

Nothing has the long-lasting beauty of fine wood. Perfect for any gift and promotion, crafted wood products are well received and appreciated. Wood gifts can be conversation pieces and functional items or just great decorations and wood lasts forever. When you add a laser engraved logo and use in combination with glass, leather or brass you create a timeless piece that will carry your good wishes to all those who are lucky to receive such a fine gift.

We use a USA manufacturer of environmentally friendly wood products exclusively for the Promotional Products industry. The line contains over 150 standard catalog items and custom products are their specialty. The hardwoods used are harvested from professionally managed forests and receive only eco-friendly stains, HAPS compliant finishes and other environmentally responsible materials.

Call me at 330-963-3664 x 2 for any additional questions or to help create your custom gifts for those special clients.

Bruce Felber, Mas

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Promotional Gifts of the Season (3) - Greeting Cards

Want to catch your clients when they least expect it. Send them a beautiful personalized Thanksgiving greeting card. Our full line of Business to Business Greeting cards are the prefect way to share any special occasion, holiday or thank you.

By sending a card for Thanksgiving you can express your thanks for all the business you have received during the year. Get the holiday started right and view all of our greeting cards here.

Cards carry your message with an artistic front cover will be cherished and create good will now and all year long.

Call me at 330-963-3664 x 2 for any additional questions or to help create your card.

Bruce Felber, Mas

Promotional Gifts of the Season (2.2) - Food Gifts 2

I thought I would add to last week's installment number two of Promotional Gifts of the Season. I said, “A way to a man’s heart is through his stomach” well it is also the best way to thank someone special.

Take a look at one of the most popular items. THE WOODEN BOX. These custom wood branded items carry a message for the end of time. Boxes can be filled with a variety of chocolates, nuts and special treats. Many combinations can include crystal and glass dispensers to fit every budget.

For the latest in chocolates, nuts cookies and more just call me at 330-963-3664 x 2 and I will select the prefect gift designed to fit your budget and taste.

Look for our next installment on custom business to business greeting cards.

Bruce Felber, MAS

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Promotional Gifts of the Season (2) - Food Gifts

Welcome to installment number two of Promotional Gifts of the Season. It has been said “A way to a man’s heart is through his stomach” and it is also a way to your customers heart. This issue contains a recipe for your success.

FOOD GIFTS. So why are food gifts so popular? Why at the holidays are they so appreciated?

In advertising and marketing the best way to be remembered and create a “wow factor” is to employ all the senses in your promotion or gift. Nothing works better than a food item. The reason? A food gift touches the sense of taste, smell, touch, and sight. People always remember from whom they received that special gift and nothing is more shareable than food gifts. Food gifts make you smile and spread to more than just the recipient. Because many food gifts are shareable it is the prefect way to say thank you and show appreciation to your customers and employees. Talk about ROI - you touch more people and garner more positive and longer lasting goodwill with the correct food gifts.

But that is not all. Food gifts can be used as a unique way to transmit your message and reinforce your brand. A clever design or unusual package will create more attention and spread to multiple people allowing the best use of the gift. That perfect tin, wooden box, cutting board, Lucite or glass bowl will also serve as a keepsake reminder long after the impact and splash from the first opening, scent, taste and smile.

For the latest in chocolates, nuts cookies and more just call me at 330-963-3664 x 2 and I will select the prefect gift designed to fit your budget and taste.

Look for our next installment of Promotional Gifts of the Season.
Bruce Felber, MAS

Friday, October 22, 2010

NAPA Know How

I don't usually pick on too many commercials, well at least publicly that is. But this certain commercial just makes me embarrassed for the company!

NAPA has been running a series of commercials featuring people singing about NAPA's Know How. Granted me being in Cleveland and not the demographic for these commercials, I haven't seen any of their singing commercials all year - even the ones with celebs. Regardless, if you're going to running a spot like this during the Phillies playoff games, then it better be able to stand on its own.

The only video I was able to find has the sound cut off for the beginning... don't worry, you'll get the idea by the end.

Its so corny that it makes me cringe. Even my husband turned to me and said something about how its strange. What do you think? Did you see the other commercials from earlier this year?


Monday, October 18, 2010

Promotional Gifts of the Season (1) - Calendars

This is the first of many articles on the merits of promotions, gifts and advertising this time of the year. Many companies look to reward customers and employees and say thank you and what better way than a personalized gift that will evoke memories for a longer time. My series will focus on products and services that offer choice, variety of price points and different delivery avenues sure to be fit every need.

Calendars. Why are they so popular even in this electronic age? First a brief history lesson*

Calendar advertising has a rich history dating back to the 1850's when The Ketterlinus Lithographic Manufacturing Co. of Philadelphia began printing calendars that contained advertising. Promotional wall calendars became even more popular as printing technology improved. In 1878, Andrew and Jacob Geiger opened a printing shop in Newark, NJ and began printing advertising calendars, fans, posters and other paper ephemera.

Calendar advertising became increasingly popular in the late 1880's, thanks to the efforts of two enterprising Ohio newspapermen, Jasper Freemont Meek and his competitor, Henry Beach. They were fierce competitors, and between them, they figured out how to put ads on a myriad of items from aprons, hats and a wide variety of household items. They even invented the classic metal trays advertising colas, which are now prized by antique collectors.

Two more newspapermen, Thomas Murphy and Edward Burke Osborne, both of Red Oak, IA, are credited with inventing art calendars that became immensely popular in the late 1880's. Like Jasper Meek and Henry Beach, they needed new business to keep their presses busy and bring in additional sales. Osborne printed a watercolor of the new Red Oak courthouse on cardboard, printed advertising around the painting and added a calendar pad. It was a huge success.

Until then, nobody had thought to place attractive art on calendars. The two men purchased fine photographs and paintings from a variety of artists and improved their printing capabilities to include 3-color printing. By 1894, Murphy and Osborne employed a total of 94 people, including 14 traveling salesmen and printed an estimated three million calendars.

At the end of 1894, Murphy sold his interest in the business to Osborne, who moved the company to Newark, NJ to be closer to art and business centers in the New York metropolitan areas. Osborne then seized upon a new printing technology - letterpress printing - to produce calendars of the highest quality. The resulting success of those calendars allowed him to set up printing plants in Toronto, London and Sydney, Australia.

*Special thanks to John J. Robinson - marketing consultant with specialties in print advertising and promotional products.

The benefits of calendars even in our electronic communication society are the same as when they were first introduced -- Advertise to a larger audience 365 days a year. When you consider the fact that a good wall calendar is viewed at least once a day the cost per contact is just a few cents. That figure can be even less when you look at the “sphere of influence” factor. How many people come into your office, store, warehouse and home that are also subjected to the ads? Artwork on paper is still a higher perception than a monitor and many people save these photographs.
For the latest in 2011 calendar selection visit our site. Looking for a custom calendar? Just ask as we can design and produce something unique. Call me at 330-963-3664 x 2 for more information.

Look for our next installment of Promotional Gifts of the Season.
Bruce Felber, MAS

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Want Higher Recall with High Reach?

If you want your clients and prospects to remember your firm or organization longer and get higher ROI, then you must see this video.

We specialize in higher returns and recall with our signature "Dimensional Direct Mail Programs". Call for details. 330-963-3664 x2.

Bruce Felber, MAS

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Marketing in the New Millennium

I had the pleasure recently of presenting a new session, with my colleague Sandy Yocum, to over 40 local chamber members on the subject of Marketing in the New Millennium. The focus of this presentation was to inform the participants on how companies and organizations are going to market in this fast-paced electronically changing world. See article.

Today more of us search the internet more often than reading traditional ads, searching the phone directories and even media broadcast for the products and services we desire. A company must have a web presence to be taken seriously in today's world. When people search the internet they search by product, service, location and ranking. Ranking can be based on recommendations such as on or how often the search is visible and how high on the list. Consider these facts:

Growth in the number of Internet Devices
1984 = 1000
1992 = 1,000,000
2008 = 1,000,000,000

How long technology took to reach 50 million users
Radio = 38 years
TV = 13 years
Internet = 4 years
iPod = 3 years (downloads hit 1 billion in 9 months)
Facebook = 100 million users in less that 9 months

The same rules still apply to web or TEXT marketing. Content is King. What we are changing is the delivery methods. Features, benefits, positioning and value proposition must all be considered just as in the traditional mediums.

In our presentation we spoke about the differences between SEO and SEM. Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of improving the visibility of a website or a web page in search engines via the natural or un-paid ("organic" or "algorithmic") search results. SEO has traditionally been used by the “big” guys that need to go past Meta –Tag or key word searches.

Search Engine Management (SEM) are target paid listings. In general, the earlier (or higher on the page), and more frequently a site appears in the search results list, the more visitors it will receive from the search engine. As stated before Content is King. SEM can be used by almost any business along with traditional marketing to be able to play on the main stage.


Focus on front page of Google
Believes websites should be optimized for Google
Goal should be high organic listing


Creates a landing page
Also believes websites should be optimized for Google
Pushes all networks and search engines
Uses Pay Per Click
Uses organic listings
Ties to the fastest growing sites
A more targeted campaign,

Don’t overlook Social Media as a place to advertise. Facebook now received more daily hits then Google proving where people send their time. Consider this growth history - MySpace started the revolution in 2003. Facebook started in 2004 and as of July 2010 has over 500 million active users, 120 million active users in the US. On the average users spend 55 minutes per day on Facebook. Next be aware of the fast growing Mobile Marketing (TEXT) Field. Mobile marketing is one of the fastest growing forms of advertising because it is a perfect way to tell your raving fans about the latest specials, offers and information. Truly an engaging medium. Text messages are virtually always read and are completely opt-in, meaning you are not spamming your customers or prospects. People always look at their text messages much quicker than email messages. Your customers never leave home without keys, wallet and PHONE. Here are some facts:

152 billion text messages sent each month in the U.S.
3 to 1 cell phones VS computers
90% of text messages are read in 1 minute
57% of cell phone users text regularly, and growing each day
Mobile ad spend will be $115 Billion by 2013
In 2008 there were 270 million mobile subscribers in the U.S.
95% of all phones sold today have web browsers & 70 million use them regularly.

In our session we focused on new technology and we touched on 2D Bar Codes. I will talk about this in a future post. Keep in mind no method is the true king. A marketing strategy must be employed. Multiple touches must be used and tradition mediums are not dead. When combined they give you a winning combination. Print, broadcast, direct marketing, promotional marketing when used in combination will keep your ROI on track. Example: Print an opt-in text message on a promotional product and you not only engage the user in mobile marketing, but your permanent message is always working for you. Print ads and publicity combined will reinforce your message and touch the prospect much stronger. Just like doing an outline after reading a chapter in school the repetitive action will help keep the messages alive longer and stronger.

If your company or organization would be interested in this presentation contact me to discuss dates and time.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Do you want S'More?

Summer: Hot balmy nights, outdoor fun, campfires, good friends and to complete the picture S’Mores. What would out nighttime fun be without this delicious concoction?

Wikipedia defines this treat:

A S'more is a traditional nighttime campfire treat popular in the United States and Canada, consisting of a roasted marshmallow and a layer of chocolate sandwiched between two pieces of graham cracker. S'more appears to be a contraction of the phrase, "some more”.

So now that I have made you hunger for this summertime favorite what do we so now. Well I have the perfect solution to those company and organizational events. How would you like to have a custom branded S’More package ready to handout to employees, customers, guests and trade show attendees?

Well feast your eyes and taste buds on this. A complete S’More delight customized with your branded message. Studies prove that involving more senses into a campaign you can capture and make a stronger impact to the recipient. Here you use sight, feel, taste, smell and evoke strong memories.

Interested? Contact Bruce Felber to find out how you can get this delicious item for your next event. And just to show you how popular this treat is… August 10th is National S’Mores Day.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

The Office - Ultimate Brand ROI

Contact me to find out how you can brand and communicate to a huge audience at almost any budget.

330-963-3664 x 2.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Branding into every kitchen - It is not a nightmare

Contact me to find out how you can brand and communicate to a huge audience at almost any budget.

330-963-3664 x 2.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Are you a V.I.P?

How many times in your life have you wished you could be treated like a V.I.P? When dealing with customers, we all want them to feel special and be treated the way we would like to be treated.

We have a new concept in branding and marketing that will assure you that your clients and prospects will always have that special attention. Our new VI.P. CONCIERGE CARD offers the recipient “personal assistance anytime, anywhere” through a live operator assistant available 24/7 every day of the year. Just call the toll-free number and your client be greeted personally by name and personal message by your company. And at the end of the call they will hear a small marketing message. The cards are also printed in full color with your brand and ad copy to make this a multi-touch product.

Typical questions the operators handle are weather forecasts, driving directions, dining recommendations, restaurant and event reservations, travel arrangements and the list goes on. The other important use is not just to ask questions, but to have a personal assistant who can remind you of appointments, purchase tickets, help with hotel arrangements and even help you find and direct that lost suitcase for you. Cards are used in almost every industry from banking, travel & lodging, education, membership and as a personal business card.

I recently used the card to help a visitor in town. I was leaving the local grocery store when I was approached by a lost traveler. The conversation went like this:
“Excuse me sir, but do you know if there is a liquor store around here?” I proceeded to tell him I was not sure and he said he was in town for a month working on an engineering project and wanted to purchase some cigars. He thought he would go to the local liquor store and purchase cigars. Well, since I did not have any immediate answers, I went to my trusty V.I.P. Concierge service. This is what took place: I called the toll-free number and was greeted, “Hello Mr. Felber and thanks for pulling up a chair with Felber & Felber’s Personal Concierge Service. How can I help you?” I then told the operator I was looking for a place to buy cigars and told her my city and zip code. The friendly operator gave me the name, phone number and address of a store about 5 miles down the road. I placed the call on speaker phone and the gentleman who needed the information wrote down the address and phone number. The operator then said, “Would you like a text or email of this information?” I thanked her and she said, “Thank you for calling Felber & Felber’s Personal Concierge service where everyone is treated like a V.I.P.”

This is just one of many examples of how this new promotional product and service can work for you as well. A custom printed card and message will be most appreciated by your customers and prospects.

So, are you a V.I.P? Call me for more information about treating your customers as a V.I.P.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Commercial Bowl Sunday 2010

For those of you who are commercial freaks like me, you were more interested in the commercials than the Super Bowl game between the Saints and Colts. Were the commercials as great as previous years? My opinion – not really. There were definitely a few that receive special recognition but also a few of the big brands that just missed the mark.

After my 6th Annual Commercial Bowl Party was over, I watched the commercials again to make sure I heard and saw everything. Here is my ad meter (compared to USA Today’s Ad Meter ratings) in order of my favorites:

1. Volkswagen Punching – this commercial got the loudest laugh out of me.

2. Snickers – a nice surprise and who doesn’t love Betty White? Much better than their strange commercial they have been running in the last few months about “where does hunger go?”

3. Doritos w/ the dog collar – the best one of the Doritos series but not as good as the “rat” from two years ago.

4. Google – who says you have to be funny? Google scored a touchdown… people can relate they stuck to their brand.

5. E-Trade – between the wolf call and the name calling (aka milk-a-holics), I thought it was well done considering how long can E-Trade keep this campaign going?

Which ones were your favorites? I have to give an honorable mention to Teleflora, Bridgestone (Your Tires or Your Life/Wife) and the Budweiser human bridge.

I was pretty surprised by the various commercials that played on the insecurities or unhappiness of men… did Dove’s real women of beauty spark brands to take back their man-day? Do the underwear, pantless and mall sucker commercials really make you feel motivated to buy their brand now that they just insulted you? Those commercials were such a disappointment that they aren’t even worth adding to my other disappointed list:

1. Coke – what were you thinking? You had the best opportunity to clobber your opponent (Pepsi promoted online advertising and withdrew after 23 years of advertising in the Super Bowl). “Happiness” from drinking Coke could have been done better.

2. Budweiser – “fences don’t come in between friends” was okay but just didn’t move me like previous years.

3. Bud Light – I was looking forward to the house made of beer but it was like watching a movie that you know how it would end… boring.

4. Denny’s – once was enough.

5. Diamond Foods – no comment; it was that bad.

6. Focus on Family – way to take a risk and blow it. There was so much hype and people were ready to see what would happen and then the shocker – nothing happened. Big whoop in technical terms. They had such an opportunity (whether right or wrong) to “market” and they didn’t. I’d be curious to see the web stats on that one.

7. Go Daddy – its time for a new campaign.

8. Letterman – sorry Oprah, I love you but your acting during this commercial wasn’t the greatest. I expected more from this commercial considering the history between all three parties.

That is it for my recap. What are your thoughts on this year’s commercials? Are any of my favorites going to join the ranks of the classic Super Bowl commercials?

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Social Media & Cuyahoga Falls Chamber

Rob Felber recently presented Social Media - Then and Now. A group from the Cuyahoga Falls Chamber of Commerce listened and engaged with Rob Felber, President of Felber & Felber Marketing during their monthly Lunch & Learn held at the chamber's offices.

Rob presented a comparion between traditional media and social media, a recap of 2010 predictions from key articles around the world and left the group with some key 'Do's and Don'ts'.

The articles used in the presentation are listed below.

Social media presentation - Rob Felber

Thank you for attending my presentation. Below are links to several articles I reviewed and referenced in my talk. I would be grateful for any comments about my presentation. Please post at:

All the best, Rob

Ten enterprise social media predictions for 2010

Dell Rides Twitter to $6.5 Million in Sales

10 Web Marketing Trends for 2010

Talking Back – Top Five Advertising Trends

10 Predictions for 2010-2019

6 Social Media Predictions for 2010

100 Social Media & Content Marketing Predictions for 2010

100 Things to Watch in 2010 (and the 40 That Might Matter to Your Business)

What’s Working for Social Media Marketers?

10 Ways to Get Serious About Social Media

Michelle Seeber interviewed for Plain Dealer Superbowl story

Michelle Seeber was interviewed, for the second year in a row, by the Plain Dealer's Janet Cho for the article:

Some Super Bowl advertisers use social media to grab your attention

Read the full article by clicking here:

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Unfettered Access: Content unrestricted by logins or registrations

In the early days of the Internet, we were all enthralled with both the tractability of visitors and the ability to gather prospect information as they surfed our websites. Now that we all get tons of email newsletters and routinely visit websites for additional information, our attitudes towards constantly registering have changed.

So, it occurred to us, why did we restrict access to our newsletter just to registrants? Yes, we would love you to register so we can keep you informed of the latest tips and techniques in public relations, marketing and advertising. But, should you choose not to register, enjoy our content nonetheless.

Click here to read the current and all the past issues:

Marketing Dimensions from Felber & Felber Marketing

Best wishes for a successful and rewarding 2010.