Thursday, May 29, 2008

A topic that forever shook up and changed the lives of our participants…

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~ Michelle

Today I had the opportunity to do mock interviews at our high school to help young students better prepare to enter the work force. I have been doing this for several years and it always amazes me to find out what career ideas and interests a 15-16 year old may have. First off I want to say thank you to the teachers who put in their time to help mold young minds and prepare them for the future. I was delighted to see the maturity the students expressed when confronting a possible job opportunity (mock or not). Most of the students were prepared with a cover letter, resume and application and many have no work experience yet. The high school does require volunteer assignments and it was evident that that experience was helpful in their communication skills.

I felt it was great when I asked them questions and they were very prepared and looked me in the eyes with conviction. I did ask if they had any questions to see how curious they were about what I do and my company. This is a good skill as in today's world the interview process is two way. As I have stated in the past you need to give back to your community to build for the future. Who knows what circles even young adults run in and who might be your future client or employee.

Tips (for parents & teachers to pass on to the students) based on observations today:

1. Do not chew gum during the interview
2. Do not fidget around in your chair
3. Please dress for the interview
4. Have your paperwork neat and ready to present
5. Always thank the person in the interview
6. Be open and let the interviewer know as much as possible about you
7. Be interested in the whole process

I would highly recommend getting involved in career day or mock interview sessions for the students, for the community and yourself.

The future is in good hands if we give of our experience and advice and let the next generation lead the way.


Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Blogging caution

Intrigued by a conversation with a friend of mine in a graduate program at a local university this evening got me thinking about blogging. During her summer classes, students are paired off each week with a different partner - this week she was paired up with a very unique woman who has a thing or two to learn about blogging and privacy.

This blogger lives in a neighboring community and teaches at a local university. If you Google her name you will find her blog, which is dedicated to a VERY controversial group where she is a very prominent leader. Looking at this situation from the outside, if any of her students (or the university) found out this information she would almost immediately be asked to leave.

I caution everyone to please exercise extreme measures in not only blogging, but Internet usage as well. At the very least, avoid using your entire name or specific geographic location. If you are exercising your right to fair speech, but are in a position where your outside hobbies or interests could jeopardize your position, please take advantage of the privacy options available.


Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Then and now

In 1979, Intellivision was introduced to the United States. This was a relatively simple system to use and offered a variety of games of basic use. Nowadays, game systems have real-life graphics and internet multi-user capabilities. What a dramatic change from years ago.

Sparked from my first experience with the Nintendo Wii this weekend, I began to think about what is next for the gamers and technology advancements. A new fitness program for the Wii, The Wii Fit, has been introduced as well, giving users even more interaction with the game. This mat will allow for such exercise programs like aerobics or even as intricate as yoga.

I find it especially interesting that while Nintendo is concentrating on user physical interaction, other systems are simply satisfied with only the hand component.

What is best for our market right now - full interaction or a simple role-playing game?


Go, go, all-in-one gadget

With the launch of Samsung's new Instict phone next month, Apple's iPhone should be looking over it's shoulder. This new all-in-one gadget bares a resemblance to the iPhone, but has a few new tricks as well. The differences that hold my interest are the keyboard size with larger buttons (but still touch screen) and GPS. Speculation has surrounded this release saying Apple is waiting until Spring releases this phone to come out with "iPhone v2" which also has GPS and modified options to solidify it as the all-in-one-multi-media king.

This presents the question, is all-in-one better than having all individual products? And, just who is buying these all inclusive products?

Dema, a long-time friend of mine, stood in line the morning the iPhone was released. Why? "Because I love having the newest gadget," he says, grinning. He loves the ease and fun aspect of it, even when text messaging someone else. "You can see the entire conversation, rather than just the message sent to you. Makes it easy to text multiple people and never lose track of the conversation."

Rob Felber agrees. "It's a way to stay on top of technology," he says. "Too many 'toys' are out there right now - why buy all of them individually when you can just buy one?"

Personally, I have a Samsung Blackjack II. It has GPS, email, Internet, music download ability... I don't use it for any of these things. My GPS is in the back seat of my car and my iPod is in my room at home. I have had not so good of luck with phones in the past, and I am very hesitant to put so much faith in one piece of technology. It is my opinion people become too reliant on this new technology - and if you have this all-in-one gadget and something happens, you are left without any of your "toys," as Rob calls them.

Which is better? Only the time on your new all-in-one phone will tell. (Bad joke, but I had to!)