Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Officer down, the worst possible phrase that can be spoken across a police band

Officer down, the worst possible phrase that can be spoken across a police band

As those of us in Twinsburg, Ohio try to heal, we know that we will never make sense of the tragedy that took a young officer, husband and father in the early hours of July 13, 2008. And, as the family and community try to cope, the war of words between the lawyers has begun. It is marketing and public relation through the media. Joshua Miktarian is not even buried and the lines have been drawn. Patrolman Miktarian deserves better. His family and fellow officers deserve better.

Yes, we have to trust the system. But, in the end, the system cannot give baby Thea her dad back. A dad she will never know except for photos, memorials and plaques. We will and must grow and heal as a community. Now, like in September 2001 we need to show our strength.

Plain Dealer editorial cartoonist Jeff Darcy captured the anguish of a community as well as Miktarian’s canine partner in this cartoon

Pray for the family and those that serve.

Loyalty was bought

If you haven't already read my previous blog on fan loyalty for sale, please click here to catch up.

Today marks the second full day of Alex Chatfield being a full-blown fan of a team other than the Cleveland Indians. He has written a blog about his experience in placing his loyalty up for sale on his MySpace page.

I have to admit, I was skeptical of just why he did this. But, after reading his blog I do have a better understanding of why he would do this - not saying that I would ever do it, but I empathize.

Alex provides a moving story of going to Cleveland Municipal Stadium back when there were only a few thousand fans in the seats and knowing "the trick" of talking to the players during the 5th inning.

Although the team is not revealed, I have requested him as a friend on MySpace (per his eBay auction notes) to get the low down for you, our loyal readers.

By the way, the part of this that is especially interesting is that Alex doesn't even live in Ohio! He lives in Davenport, Florida and is originally from Middlefield, Ohio.

Does this make you want to market yourself (or your company) in some crazy, off beat way? Share your thoughts.


Monday, July 14, 2008

Meet Dave Tanks

Recently, Katy wrote about her frightening experience with Meet Dave. You can read about it here.

So remember that old saying... advertising just kills a bad product faster? Read about how the movie tanked in its first weekend! All that marketing for nothing.


Behind the Mask

Have you heard about the faceless people popping up at different events? This picture caught my attention one day.

Thanks to Splash for the photo. Here is the original article reporting the aliens. Speculation that these “faceless people” could be famous people trying to fool the paparazzi or perhaps a marketing stunt (and you know I hate that word "stunt!").

Well in fact the mystery is almost solved. As reported by this article, the faceless people even have their own website. The website features a small logo directing you to Group Lotus’ main website – check out those hot cars!

So now the countdown begins until the new Lotus Eagle car is revealed. I think this is a brilliant campaign that uses all sorts of tools such as sparking curiosity and speculation through special events and online. To-date, I haven’t seen any banner ads or other vehicles advertising this campaign although I'm probably not the target audience.

So do you love it or think this is just plain creepy? Post your thoughts!