Friday, October 3, 2008

The word of the day

DAGMAR- Goals set for a campaign are easily met.

Sure it is easy to set goals in life but, the hardest thing is to go through with them. Think of the definition, your life is the "campaign" and you set goals to make it "the perfect campaign". In order to achieve your perfect campaign you have to push through with your goals and make it memorable.


Thursday, October 2, 2008

Advertising Icon Dies

House Peters Jr., otherwise known as "Mr. Clean," died yesterday at the age of 92 years old.

"Mr. Clean, Mr. Clean..." was a great jingle, one lasting for fifty years. And who says advertising doesn't work?

May he rest in peace.

~ Michelle Hirsh, Felber & Felber Marketing

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Word of the Day

Today's word of the day: Defrag

Definition of defrag: the process of compressing files on a hard drive to improve speed and efficiency.

Make sure you defrag your computers at least once every two weeks!! -Tali

Hello everyone!

Hello everyone,

My name is Tali, and I am an intern with Felber & Felber Marketing for the Fall semester. During my internship, I will be working on marketing and different aspects of P.R. I was first attracted to advertising and marketing when I first realized I wanted to send messages to people through commercials. Other than this internship, I also have a job working in a well-known retail store. When I am not working I am hanging out with my friends, going to see movies or maybe fishing (if I am lucky). I love to write, it's what my teachers know me for. I like to write about anything that comes to mind, mostly things that have happened in my life. I also love to listen to music.

Just filling you guys in on a little bit about me.

Have a good day!


Monday, September 29, 2008

Word of the Day

Today's word of the day: mindshare

Definition of mindshare: Having a company hold the public's attention and remain top of mind.

For example, a few years ago KFC had a commercial out that included a high pitched shreaking noise throughout the majority of the commercial. A friend of mine complained about how annoying it was and how that marketing company needs to be fired. However, my friend fell in the trap. He remembered the commercial AND KFC - just what they wanted. KFC, in this case, had mastered mindshare.