Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Promotional Consultant Academy - Update

The first two days here in Boston has been very full. We have made 6 presentations to the class (or companies as we call them) and I find them to be extremely engaging. The topics range from understanding and setting strong outcomes to the creative process. They are all working on the case study and defining their presentations that will be heard in the morning. Even as I speak our judge is flying in from Colorado.

I have said this before, "you learn so much when you teach others." This process will be handed off to our second team in Ft. Worth Texas next week.

Special thanks to my team: Joe, Mike, and Kip.


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Anonymous said...

The pleasure was all mine, Brucester! (or is that Brewster?). It's an honor to serve with you as a fellow trainer/faculty. You make me better at what I do....just by hanging around you! So, does that make you contagious? - Mike Irwin, MAS