Thursday, June 5, 2008

The anti-water bottle

It has begun, the new adventure into non-plastic water bottles - and they aren't being shy about bragging. SIGG USA has developed an eco-friendly, reusable water bottles, ideal for those concerned with their health and their environment. This water bottle is much friendlier on the environment and our surroundings than the other alternatives on the mainstream market.

(Unfortunately, SIGG USA Online has received such high demands for their product they have decided to hault production until after the season is over to then reevaluate products and production time. You can still find their products at various locations throughout the US.)

You can find more information on SIGG USA and its products at

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Brian said...

I just heard this the other day .. due to the increase of people drinking from water bottles, wrinkles around the mouth have become more of a problem in adults. It seems that the "pucker" or whatever you want to call it that we make when we try to drink from bottles is causing our skin to crease more and more in a way that has never happened before.. therefore, more people are experiencing wrinkles around their mouth.