Friday, May 16, 2008

Our Afternoon at the BallPark

On Wednesday evening, the Felber team members received a text message from Rob saying our consolation prize for the Cavs losing game 5 was tickets to the Indians vs. Athletics game on Thursday afternoon. We are all huge sports fans, so this was a very exciting suprise for us.

Of course, being marketers, we surveyed the new Progressive Field's changes since last season. A few things are different including a women's only team shop and a business area in right field designated for business luncheons and group outings. They really have found a way to cater to all walks of life, hats off to them!

It was also interesting to note the obvious changes that have taken place in the park from its conversion to Progressive Field. When the field was named Jacob's Field, there were only a few places of the name labeled around the park - now, as Progressive Field, it is very apparent there has been a switch in the overall marketing appeal of the field. Before, Jacob's Field had minimal advertising around the field. Now, Progressive Field has replaced those empty areas with various advertisements of companies. Good idea or bad idea?



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Jon said...

In reference to the sale of the naming rights, I believe it is something that the Indians needed to do. Being in the market they are in and trying to compete with teams such as the Bankees and Red Sox, who each have payrolls of around $200M, finding more revenue streams is extremely important. However, Cleveland is a town that basks in the tradition of its sports teams. I think they could have done some thing like “Progressive Park at Jacobs Field” or something along those lines. I’m sure Progressive probably prefers it this way, but it just doesn’t have the same kind of ring to it.

It just sucks to see a game with such rich history brought into the world of corporate sell-outs. Parks used to be symbols of the city in which they were built, now they are just giant billboards.