Tuesday, May 6, 2008

6 months feels like a year... unless you work with the Felber family.

A few months ago, I interviewed the other members of the Felber & Felber team on their reflections of 2007. Having started in early October, it was too soon to do my reflection. But, having survived 7 months at Felber & Felber, it is now time for my reflection and to answer some of the questions I asked them.

Initially I was a little fearful of going from a sales position into a marketing position. Seems easy, but change has always frigtened me. Luckily, the Felber team made the transition very easy and I am still very excited about learning new things about our business, our clients and our network.

Last year, I learned a great deal about taking chances and being open to more things. There is a chance you may never have the same experience twice (sometimes that's a good thing) and therefore you need to live in the moment.

Looking ahead, I am looking to become even more involved with our clients and business networks. It is my goal to have all of our clients feel as comfortable with me as they do with the other team members.

The one thing I am going to continue doing is volunteering and advising. It is no secret here that I love animals and am interested in animal rescue organizations. Currently, I am an advisor with my sorority, Delta Gamma Fraternity and knowing I have the ability to influence the up and coming generation is a powerful, and very rewarding, idea.

In closing, I want to say that I have had the privilege of working along side a few of the most dedicated and hardworking people in marketing. It has been an absolute wonderful experience in learning from each of them from the different aspects of their specialties and how they work together to make things happen.

Thank you to the Felber team for all that you do and letting me be a part of your family.


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