Thursday, February 19, 2009

Something to hold close

If you had asked us, last quarter, "what will be the most popular service being requested from our firm during a recession", I would have told you it will be public relations. Although a slow burn, with the time it takes to build editorial relationships, story interest and content, for all that, publicity can and should be a more cost effective investment.

So, as we near the end of the first quarter of the recession to end all recessions (you heard it here first!), what are our client projects? Well, surprisingly, we are seeing a greater interest in direct mail, targeted dimensional promotion, print advertising, web and social media. Yes, we are very surprised! Except for web and social media, the rest of these projects are physical. You can touch and feel direct mail and graphic design elements. My only thought is that these are tangible. People are feeling more comfort in the products and services that provide a physical presence. PR is not dead by any means. It can and should be measured. Perhaps we will see a renewed interest as the economy improves.

What are you working on? Are you seeing the same phenomena?

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Dan Morgan said...

Hi Felber and Felber

Thanks for Linking with me Michelle.

I have found a little spike in my business. I have been photographing contractor's home renovation projects. They are wisely using this "down" time to beef up web and print collateral. Home owners are also seeing a great investment in home improvements to keep there home values up.

Congrats on new location, I would live co come out and meet with you, I find myself in your area on occasion. Hello to Bruce!

Dan Morgan