Tuesday, May 20, 2008

It's not easy going green... Or is it?

Pop Quiz: What do the following things have in common? Adopting an animal, cutting back on fast food and researching your comunity. Give up? These are all ways you can improve your "green" contribution to the environment.

Let me explain. We here at Felber & Felber Marketing are on board with becoming more green. Extensive research and strong attempts will be made as we enter into this area. Your patience is requested as you are witness to our trials and errors. But for now, here is what we can report.

The times of simply using recycled paper, carpooling and recycling aluminum cans have passed by. The present day green trends have exploded across neighboring communities and into the corporate world. If you are wanting to go green, but aren't real sure here are a few things to get you started:

1. Turn off lights. Are you leaving the room for awhile? Are you turning in for the evening? Turning the lights off will save large amounts of energy over the course of a year. Multiply that by ten years... that's a lot of energy savings. (And costs!)

2. Get others involved. It is true what they say, there are strength in numbers. Volunteering for an environmental organization is easy and very beneficial. Ask a friend to come along, your environment will thank you.

3. Educate yourself. Do you know how bad batteries are for the environmet? Once thrown away, they will break down and leak hazardous materials into the waste collection areas. Instead, try using rechargeable batteries or sending the batteries back to the companies citing your concern for the environment.

Stay tuned to our Adventures in Marketing to see what else you can do to help the cause.


1 comment:

Lynette said...

Katy, The Francis household is going green!! We are introducing something new each month because bad habits are hard to break...we started by unplugging appliances that we are not using. Some appliances pull "vampire wattage" and emit carbon even when not in use, so we started this and I cant wait to see what it saves us on our electric bill. Next we are researching the energy efficient light bulbs, I’ve heard hat they contain mercury and if you break one it can cost a lot of money to clean it up...so we are looking into them and if they are indeed safe we will switch over to them. I am also going to have Shane build us recycle bins because our community does not recycle :(
Anyway thanks for the ideas and may the Earth recover from what man has done over the last 100 years!

~☺ Lynette